Brynlee Third Birthday

Today 3 years ago at around 5 am my gorgeous little girl was born! Brynlee Jean Mangrum weighing in at a whooping 5 lbs 9 oz! It would be 3 days before I would be able to hold her in my arms……longest 3 days of my life! I have made up for lost time with lots of cuddles every since because she is definitely Mommy’s snuggle bug! She is my bit of sass, touch of sweetness, prettiest smile, plain mischievous and the most loving little girl! This day 3 years ago was my second baby….the second child the doctors said I would never had! After 8 miscarriages and a little guardian angel, my sweet Braelyn…I carried her and she is the perfect fit for this family! Cannot imagine a day without her! She is that hug when your heart is aching, the kiss for no reason, my little nasty nice, girly girl, and baby doll wagger! She is such a proud little sister and loves her sister more than anything! She has her heart! And though she may be small she is fierce…so much personality and the biggest heart is bottled up in her tinsy little self! Thank you, God for giving me the gift of motherhood to this beautiful little girl and her big sister! God gifted me today with a second daughter and gave Braelyn a sister….which is the greatest gift that I ever got as a little girl! I waited a LONG time, shed a LOT of tears and hit my knees in prayer and God answered!!!!!!! He handcrafted these babies for me…I know this because their heartbeat matches my own, they fit perfectly in my arms and flood my heart with love each and everyday! PRAISE GOD for gifting me with the best babies ever!!!!!! Happy birthday, my lovely, my precious, my dinky do, my sweet Brynlee Jean…MOMMY ADORES YOU!


7 thoughts on “Brynlee Third Birthday

  1. read each and every one…in order and girl u have the strength and determination of an ox…I don’t know of anyone that went thru what u went thru to be able to write about your memories…I gave cried for u because of sadness u went thru and the happiness thst you now have….u have talent April….you can go places with you…God bless your family

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    1. JoAnn, my sweetest friend, your encouraging words will spur me on. It is my hopes to one day write a book about the journey to motherhood….then the bliss of each of my daughters being born, and the joys I have found since becoming a mommy! Love you!


  2. I would love to hear bout when u found out you were pregnant with first…what emotions u went thru for 9 months….your delivery…etc


    1. JoAnn, I promise, that blog will come 🙂 I have several friends who are still going through the drudges of infertility/losses..I will share that day… was equally as crazy as the trials I went through to get there….her birth story, her coming to be, everything about her was definitely not easy….but MOST definitely worth every ounce of pain


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