Co-sleeping Equals NO Sleeping for Me

I am SO glad my kids don’t co-sleep! Since the day they were born, I have been a firm believer that they should have their own space to rest, and they are usually really good sleepers because they learned to self sooth. I KNOW there is so much controversy on parenting styles, and to each their own. I prefer snuggles on the couch, lovings during the day, a night time story & prayer, and the night ending with each of us in our own beds. I LOVE to snuggle them, but at night I need that time to rejuvenate and rest for the next day, so I can do it all again. I have no idea why I cannot sleep when a baby/kid is in my bed, but I CANNOT! Every time they move, toss, turn, grunt, sigh, snore, it wakes me up. With the exception of a handful of sick nights, and a few night terrors, my independent girls sleep in their own beds. Last night, was one of those few nights when I was awakened to the sound of my door cracking open, it was Brynlee Jean (she NEVER wants to sleep with me) she patters to the bed, blankey and her fuzzy pillow in hand….no obvious distress, no crying, no fever, I am trying to make sense of this occurrence with sleep deprived eyes in the dark. “Brynlee, what are you doing?” I hear a sweet voice, “I just missed you and needed to be next to you, mommy.” How could I deny that!? So I scooted over, didn’t sleep a wink, and watched my quickly growing baby sleeping…I know these moments are fleeting, I hold on to each one. I still sneak into their rooms and watch them sleep. The sentiment was absolutely the sweetest, and although I am tired today, it was worth it. Does it change my stance on co-sleeping? NOPE, a night now and then is bonding, but this mommy is tired today! Not sure but I think she might be part ninja in her sleep!


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