Dear Jersey Girl

Dear Jersey;
I couldn’t sleep last night, the bed felt empty without you there
So I stumbled to the couch and kept staring at your empty chair
I snuggled up by Silas, he misses you so much
What I would give if you were here to hug, to pet to touch
I fell asleep but would awaken and reach to pet your head but you were not in your normal spot
And like a ton of bricks I would remember that you were gone, somehow in my sleep I had forgot
I got up this morning and found myself calling your name, but you didn’t come prancing in the room
Instead there was silence and I was reminded I would never see you on earth, you were taken too soon
I went to fill your food bowl up and it still sits there untouched, and it broke me even more
I keep listening for you to come into the room, and the sound of your toe nails clicking on the floor
I feel so empty, almost fourteen years, and I have to live without you now?
I have to keep living and let you go, I miss you so much, I really don’t know how
Your collar is laying on the table, I keep looking at it but it only makes me miss the neck that it once graced
All your medication is labeled Jersey, but I can’t throw it away, this is one of the hardest thing I’ve ever faced
I long for the way you would crawl in my lap and put your head upon my chest; oh how it warmed my heart
You would be sad now because my lap feels empty even though Silas sits in it, and I sit here and fall apart
People say “she was just a dog” but you were so much more, oh I hope you know
You were my best pal, my sweet girl, my snuggle buddy and I had to let you go
You are gone, I know I have to come to terms with that, but it will never stop this hurt
So I will sit here, talk to you, cry, and miss you upon this mound of dirt
I know you are in a place of rest, running like a puppy, and completely restored
But I feel such an emptiness when I come inside and you aren’t there to greet me at the door
I miss everything, your presence, your love, your sass, your will to live
Oh, to rub your ears again, to kiss your little face, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give
I have other dogs to take care of and I love them too, I know you are watching but I’m doing my very best
It is just so hard to move right now, because where you once were there is now a hole inside my chest


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