Dora Has Corrupted My Children

Bahaha SOOOOOO we are playing/pretending and let me first state I have a love/hate relationship with Dora (it annoys me to no end but love that it occupies/teaches the girls) AND here is how different my girls are! When I asked Brynlee who she wanted to be she said “Boots!” When I asked Braelyn she responds, “I’m Swiper!” ROFL So we started pretending and Braelyn swipes everything even if we say “Swiper no swiping” three times! She thinks it is hilarious and says (just like Swiper), “you will never get it now!” (in a swiper voice lol) and I am getting a laugh out of it……Brynlee however isn’t finding it very funny! She said, “I tell you no swiping, you mean fox!” and chases Braelyn and is very mad but Braelyn is laughing hysterically ROFL My little villain and my little hero… ying and my yang! They surely do complete me! But I am thinking we should change from dora for awhile or Braelyn may become a Kleptomaniac rofl!


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