Earthbound Angel

Once upon a time, in a land not so very far away

There lived a Mommy who wanted children and so she knelt to pray

The Lord heard her as night after night, the same prayer she uttered

“Lord, I want a baby, Oh Lord please let me be a mother”

He listened with mourning to hear his child’s heart broken in two

He loved her oh so much, He would one day send her YOU

He didn’t answer her right away, and her faith was being tried

Now she sat by her bed determined that her prayer would not be denied

God heard her every utterance, bottled her every tear, and wept

He would give her a child….just not yet

It hurt Him to listen to her cry out to him, his beloved was in despair

But He couldn’t give her an answer now there was still too much to prepare

What she didn’t realize as she was praying on her knees

God was working on a miracle: the most perfect baby the world would ever see

He looked into his canvas, pulled out his paintbrush to begin his work of art

With each stroke He made He listened to the childless mother’s heart

He poured in sunshine, til her hair was gold; just the perfect shade

So that when her mommy held her, she would see the miracle that God had made

Relentlessly the Mommy prayed, clinging desperately to faith

While God was crafting perfection for all the time she had to wait

The Lord gazed into his bag of wonders, to paint his miracle into existence

He knew what the Mommy needed, for every prayer she prayed, the Lord had listened

He borrowed some color from the sky, and placed it in her eyes

So bright and blue, for all the tears the Mommy had cried

While he worked behind the scenes, the Mommy’s prayers desperately began to turn to begging

God loved that Mommy so much, He refused to stop til he gave her a child nothing short of perfection

Tirelessly He drove on, inspired from his creations, his eyes fell upon his flowers

He picked a red rose with the most perfect bud, fresh from the field right after a shower

He looked upon the vibrant color, thinking it magnificent, He injected it into her cheeks and lips

Her smile would look like a blossom, because he had taken the essence of the rose tips

The Mommy prayed, wailing to the Lord as her heart was lonely and aching

The Lord worked with frenzy for He loved her and didn’t want her to think she had been forsaken

Now He put away his canvas, and reached down upon the earth for his clay

It was time to sculpt the angel He would give to the Mommy one day

First he sculpted the ears, tiny and flawless, so they could hear her Mommy’s story

He had no doubt that she would tell her that she was given a miracle, and give him all the glory

The Mommy told the Lord if it was his will for her to have no children to remove the pain within

She didn’t hear Him whisper, “I will child, in my time, you will be a mommy but not til then”

The Lord took the Mommy’s teardrops, and because he loved her so

He placed a treasured tear shape in each nostril on a tiny button nose

God knew that as the baby grew she would smell the wonders of the world

And the Mommy would know God loved her just by looking at her little girl

The Mommy asked God, “Lord please just give me an answer? I need to find my way,  I need to know your plans.”

She couldn’t hear because the Lord spoke in a whisper, “I have your answer,  I hold her in my hands.”

He sprinkled in a little energy and sculpted tiny legs to run, and jump and play

Laughing to himself that Mommy would soon ask for rest when she prayed

He made pudgy little arms just the right size to hug when Mommy’s days got bad

With a smile, he added in a little mischief, so she could play with her Dad

The Mommy was silent now and the Lord knew she was waiting on his reply

The Lord was quiet and still, “My love, you will soon know why.”

With a skillful hand he developed delicate little hands that would hold her Mommy’s one day soon

Then he shaped her eyes to look reminiscent of a stunning half sized moon

He placed in a heart full of his very own love to carry back down for him

Hoping that the Mommy would know how much she loved her then

The Mommy was praying again but this time for him to know she would love him no matter what

God was amidst working on his miracle when the prayer came up, he wanted to reply but his voice caught

He felt his tears fall as he pumped his blood into his tiny gift, so she would be pure, and free of sin

He picked her up into his majestic arms and wrapped her in baby soft skin

He knelt down whispering words of love into her heart before he breathed air into her lungs

As the baby began to breathe, the Lord wept and whispered, “It is done.”

The Mommy was praying now, asking the Lord to please stop the pain

“Lord, you know angels can’t survive on earth….” an angel pleaded in vain

“Your majesty you know what happened the last times,” another angel begged in unison

The Lord placed his finger to his lips to silence them as he picked up the little one

He whispered in that perfect little ear “I clipped your wings, you won’t need them there on Earth.”

“Your Mommy has carried eight of my angels, so I know she will know your worth.”

The Mommy’s prayer was praise for she felt an inner peace

“It is never easy to let an angel go but you my love, are one I must release.”

“Make up for all the losses she has endured, she carried my angels and I know the pain it caused”

“I needed more angels for my choir, to sing away my pain for my lambs that I have lost.”

“Tell her I love her enough that I can spare one for her,” he said as he kissed the teardrop nose

“Tell her as much as she loves you, I love her more, and I am sending her my finest rose!”


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