Kids Say the Darndest Things

Brynlee’s new favorite thing to say is, “Mommy, watch this!” Mind you…when she says this I never know what to expect and sometimes it is really cute…usually it ends in injury so I have learned to ask her what she is getting ready to do…here is the last conversation about 5 minutes ago. She is in the floor doing gymnastics type moves in the floor….Brynlee: Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!
Me: Yes, Brynlee
Brynlee: Mommy, watch me! (she then looks at me to ensure i am watching)
Me: What am I watching? What are you getting ready to do?
Brynlee (smiling as she spins on the floor) I am fixing to flip out, Mommy!
(Obviously she meant flip but the fact that she said it with such happiness cracked me up…btw have no IDEA WHO she heard saying that wink, wink) LOVE this kid


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