Literal Brynlee Jean

The HILARIOUS story of the morning. For a few weeks I have had something stuck in my foot and I cannot get it out. Needless to say, it is sore. Sitting with Brynlee (my uber serious child), I tell her to look at my boo boo. The following conversation ensued….
Brynlee: You will be fine, you don’t need to go to the doctor.
Me: Why? I think that I might need to go to the doctor
Brynlee: NOOOOO you can’t he will cut your foot off
Me (literally cracking up): Well maybe I will just chop it off so it will quit hurting
Brynlee (all serious and freaking out): MOM, THAT IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!! (she then plants her hands on her hips, points her finger at me) NO WAY, HUSSEY!!!!! (this is supposed to be no way Hosea, which only adds to my fit of laughter)
After composing myself, I get up to pour up a gallon of tea, and reach into the drawer to grab something to stir it…….she comes running in the room, slams the kitchen drawer shut, and yells, “NO!!! Don’t find a knife!”
Me: I am looking for a big spoon to stir the tea
Brynlee (debating if I am being honest): Ok, but do not use a knife and cut your foot off!
I explained to my very LITERAL child that I was not going to cut my foot off, no need to worry, it is only a figure of speech……without missing a beat…
Brynlee: Well you need to figure out how to not say stuff like that!!!
I am still laughing….


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