Outsmarted by a Five Year Old

So braelyn was drawing…and this was the end result…obviously I thought it was a sad sunshine and asked her if she was sad (of course I’m over thinking it) she says, no. I said well why is your sunshine got a sad face…She stares at me like I am crazy and responds, “it’s not a sunshine, it’s a spider!” So I reply, “well why is your spider sad?” She looks at me again like I’m obviously retarded and responds, “because it’s a spider, I hate spiders, people hates spiders, everyone hates spiders and THAT is why he’s sad!!!” Rofl well that’s a very good explanation…here I’m playing psychiatrist thinking she’s sad and she schooled me…oh the things I learn from these kids…Well played, braelyn, well played, mommy officially feels dumb lol


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