Prayer for my Children

Motherhood Prayer…I pray for a day when no person goes hungry, no child is abused, no child is without loving parents, bullies don’t exist, violence becomes peace, anger becomes compassion, lies become the truth, hurt becomes joy, heartache turns to peace, childhood illness like cancer is cured, I pray for this everyday….but as I pray this I also pray that if that change doesn’t evolve in my lifetime that my girls will be a part of that change. I pray they never lose their softness, their sweet innocence, their want to help those in need, their willingness to accept others despite their shortcomings, the way they simply love…..even me when I am not lovable….God keep their hearts pure, soft and kind, never allow the hardships in life to harden them…instead help it to enlighten them, a way to deepen their understanding and desire to love regardless of a person qualities….I pray this and as I do that, just for a moment I hold these precious babies in my arms. Today, I am their protector; today they are untouched by hurtful words, unmarred by actions of others, no pain has scarred them… long as I breathe I will pray this prayer about a better world because of my girls I am a little better, the world is a better place because they are in it…..TODAY I will hold two blonde haired innocent babies, and hold tight so that I can protect them from the ugliness…..TODAY I am the determiner of their happiness and I want them to fill my love engulf and smother out all of the sadness in this world! Thankful for them everyday! Thank you, Lord….I may not have changed the world single handedly but with these babies the world is changed!


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