Sisters in the Snow

Just came in from playing in the snow with my girls! I usually hate the cold weather…..but what better to warm your heart than two little girls playing in the snow? Throw in a senior lab, who for a glimpse in time is once more a puppy. Hank was leaping and bounding with the girls into the pillowy clouds of snow. Braelyn built a tiny snow man, and Brynlee built one bigger than her…..So representative of my girls personality, Braelyn’s little snowman was meticulously precise. It was tiny, and quirky, just like her. Brynlee’s mantra in life is the bigger the better! (which matches her small demeanor and BIG personality) Her’s was so large that her tiny arms needed help reaching the head to place the carrot in it’s nose!
Long after Brynlee had finished her’s she proceeded with pegging me with snowballs, then they tag teamed me in an epic snow ball fight!
Braelyn was enchanted by the beauty of the snow, captivated she ran her tiny hands through it, threw her head back to watch the way the sun danced on the white crystals, I could see her soft breaths taking in the freshness of the moment….oh the beauty of a child’s heart.
Brynlee was not the observer; she was active in the moment. Rolling in it, crawling through it, throwing it, and tasting it! My tactile child, my introvert who needs to feel her surroundings.
Between the wads of snow I was transcended to a different time and place…outside on a blustery winter day with my sister! I cannot count the number of snowmen we made, the number of snowballs we launched at each other, but mostly I remember the laughter! The way it rang through the air, bouncing through the fresh snow and falling back into my ears like musical notes in the air. For but a moment, I was overwhelmed, for my love for them, the love they have for each other, the love I have for my sister!
Time stood still, in front of me were the two greatest loves of my life, but for a second they were two little girls from yesteryears. They were just taking in the joys of childhood. The only care in the world was keeping our hands and feet from frostbite! Braelyn even had my sister’s old coveralls on…..I willed myself to remember this moment, to store it away for a day when they are grown, and these days have passed. I felt a lump build in my throat at the realization of how quickly that day will arrive. Was it not yesterday that it was my sister and I? Too soon I will have to recall these memories instead of make them…the thought breaks my heart. It makes me miss my sister, it makes me miss these little girls who will surely grow up against my will for them to stay small, and it makes me eternally grateful for yesteryears, and the here and now!
So, in rememberance of today and all those that passed, I taught them how to make a snow angel. Watching their excitement at the tiny angel imprints they created. I saw my sister there, me teaching her this very thing, and when Braelyn looked up at me a tear slid down my cheek. Never in my life can I go back to the days I shared with my sister, but my girls get to share this gift, and I get to relive it through them….and that is my gift…Sis, if you were here I would build a snowman with you, and then throw the world’s biggest snowball at you!!!!!! Miss you every second!


2 thoughts on “Sisters in the Snow

  1. I love, love, love this! I love that you took the time to take them outside and have a blast! They will remember that day for the rest of their lives…just like I do the one in this picture. I love that you are such a great sister and we had so much fun growing up together. I love even more that you are such a phenomenal mother and your girls get to see that fun side of you just like i always have.

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  2. Thank you, my fellow writer, also my sister! More grateful, am I, that they get to share the gift we did……sisterhood…..I am a mere observer of the memory transpiring! And that is such a gift in itself. They bring out the fun side of me; just as you did, and still do! I witnessed today the tiny snowman (crafted by Braelyn in your coveralls from years past) and I got a glimpse of you……then a few minutes later the rambunctious, test the limits, define your surroundings with experiencing were glaring back at me through my Brynlee Jean. Oh, what a joy to extend my love for you by witnessing these passing moments, and to know I shall share their memories, even if I am a bystander. My turn now is to watch the beautiful gift of motherhood, but also the unconditional love of having a sister. I must say nothing is comparable……but if you were here, as much as I hate the cold, a snowball fight would ensue, following only a tiny perfect snowman. Thank you for pulling me out into the snow (even if it was an inch deep) to take on the wonders of the world. You taught me to see life through new eyes, just as my daughters teach me and also learn from one another


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