Funny Kids

Oh my wonderful, rotten, hilarious kids! The girls are playing in the living room so I get down in the floor and start kissing them, they are loving it, then I start tickling them, they are laughing….after few minutes I return to my chores…an hour later I come in and see them playing with their toys and are intent, have dolls all laying out and covered up etc…….I get on the floor and startcrawling towards the girls….Brynlee puts her hand on her hip and points her finger, “Mom, don’t mess our stuff up. I know what you are going to do!” Me: What am I going to do?” Brynlee: Kiss us and tickle us, and you got to wait a minute we busy, k?” Me (still crawling towards her): But I really need to love you Brynlee: Well love me from over there, k? (Again I ignore her and I am laughing as I crawl across the floor) Brynlee stands up hand on hip, no nonsense face, eyes narrowed and finger pointed and says, “Mom, DON’T START!” ROFLLLLLLLLL I am pretty sure she has heard me say this and it cracked me up

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