My Art and Writing Collide

A piece I just finished for a loyal customer who ordered for a friend who lost TWO dogs in short time. I wrote a short poem to go with the piece, and this case had tags on it so I did a little tag that says dog tags from heaven with their names inside 🙂
A letter from heaven
Leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do
So I am writing you this letter in Heaven and sending it back to you
As I crossed the bridge, my head hung low, as you wept at my grave
But on the other side, I saw a long lost friend, Mom, It was ABE
He greeted me a dog I barely recognized for he was young once more
In the river’s reflection, I saw my youth had also been restored
We wanted to console you because we knew you were grieving
Mom, the hardest part of this journey, was simply leaving
We will be with you, even though we crossed that bridge in the sky
When you feel alone, we are there, for we did not die
We knew a love very few dogs are lucky enough to know
you loved us unconditionally, even when you had to let us go
We got to hear your soft voice in our ear and the touch of a gentle hand
A soothing stroke on our fur and snuggles, you were our best friend
Our bellies and hearts were always full and all because of you!
You made us a part of your family, a joy known by only a few
We will meet again, Mom, thanks for all the love you gave
Until we are reunited, know we love you, Signed Storm and Abe


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