The Mean Mom

My kids REALLY are the funniest kids! I was letting kids paint while I tried to get some painting done. It lasted about an hour before they began losing interest and began painting other things…including EACH OTHER (Hey 1 hour is a long time to hold a toddler’s attention so I was pretty pumped) BUT after a few meltdowns I told them it was time to put the paint away and we would use it another day…Braelyn was truly upset about this development, and began crying! Here is the dialogue between the girls
Brynlee (comforting her distraught sibling): “It ok, Sisser. We can paint ‘nudder day!”
Braelyn (in tearful voice and grabbing Brynlee’s hand): “Come on, Brynlee Jean!”
Brynlee (uncertain): “Where we going?”
Brae (determined and mad): We going to dat Walmart to get a new mom!
Brynlee (the serious and LITERAL one begins crying real tears!): NO I NO WANNA NEW MOMMY! I love da mommy!
Braelyn (Whispering now): “Yes, you do want a new mommy cause ours is broken!”
Brynlee (VERY upset about the prospect of a new mommy): MY MOMMY NOT BROKEN!”
Braelyn (leaning into her sisters ear with serious face): “YEP, SHE IS Broken CAUSE SHE IS HATEFUL!” BAHAHAHAHA
Needless to say, I was laughing so hard and it took me at least an hour to console Brynlee that she wasn’t getting a new mommy, she told me she is STILL mad at her “sisser for saying dat!” I can’t stop laughing!


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