Who’s Yo’ Mommy?


Dear Fidget,

Well, it has been a week since I found out you were going to join my family….you are quite special. You see, you are going to make me an aunt. You will never know the happiness that brings my heart! So, today, I am going to tell you a little bit about the lady who you are going to make into a mommy. The same amazing being that made me a sister.

As I mentioned in my first blog to you, I prayed for a sister for a very long time. When that dream became a reality on August 3rd 27 years ago, my life was changed forever. Your mommy, she grabbed a hold of my heart and never let go. I will share some stories of her with you later but today, I want to give you some facts about the incredible woman you get the great privilege of calling Mommy!

From the first day she was born, she had a way about her that just warmed the hearts of everyone she encountered. I basked in her sunshine, she was born for the spotlight. She is the logical type. She, much like myself, over analyzes everything in painstakingly detail. I love that about her very much! We did this the other night as we discussed your future name. I mean it has to be perfect….I am glad that she is starting this process early because your mom is the same person who sat with me hours just to pick names for our barbies, and the one who now owns a horse that was born 2 years ago…..and still has no name (unlike a horse it is positively unacceptable to call you “baby” for two years). This struck fear in my heart because she has 8 short months to pick a name for you! Hence, the name of fidget until your real name is decided…….although I must say I am growing increasingly fond of the name. I do not think that Fidget Nutter will look too nice on your birth certificate.

My sister could possibly be the most determined woman that I know. She is fiercely independent….to a fault. She might be one of the most intelligent people I know….so don’t think you will be getting away with too much because she will likely know what you are up to before you do it. She is witty too. We often make jokes that others don’t understand but we find it even more humorous because they don’t get it. She is so much fun, you are going to be such a lucky kid.

She is also a workaholic (I am hoping this works in my favor so I get you more). She is full of limitless energy, and doesn’t sit idly EVER! She is not afraid to get her hands dirty, even though she loves to keep her hands manicured….she actually quite enjoys it! (I on the other hand, prefer the hands off approach to manual labor lol) Even her hobbies are things that require intense labor, but she truly shines in all she does. She is not above stacking hay, mucking stalls, changing her own oil, doing household repairs and renovations (yes, she does all of this with perfectly painted nails)…..I am unfortunately not a do-it-yourselfer….I am more of a call-someone-to-do-it for me because my mind truly does not work that way.

Your mother is the outdoorsy type. I sure hope you enjoy the outdoors because there is a very big chance you will think the barn is your second home. She loves all animals and you will never have to talk her into getting your first pet. If you see a fluffy dog, she will not need persuasion to bring it home. Oh, how I hope you share her love of all animals, but horses, well they are her passion. The way her face lights up, the smile that washes across her face when she is in the midst of her horses is something to behold. I often just sit and watch her in her element. She is always beautiful but she is most beautiful when she is among her horses. Dallas is her most prized possession (until you arrive and still be prepared to share with her). Dallas is a gorgeous buckskin, she is so much like your mom; they were kindred spirits. Their bond is so phenomenal to witness. She has seen my sister through some very hard times, she has a way of just being with her and it rights everything in the world. Everything disappears when they are together….it is just a girl and her horse, and there is a sacredness to their bond. Her horses are her labor of love, from the carefully chosen feed, to the tireless work of taking care of them, she worships them…and it is apparent they feel the same for her.

When she walks into the pasture or barn, the change in her demeanor is evident. Ponies are soon flocking to her and no matter how tired she is she takes the time to show each one individual attention. If you ever want to see what true happiness is, just follow your mom out to the barn, watch her transition into this angelic being. You might find it hard to believe but your aunt does not harbor this gene. I am quite dumb on all things related to horses and my knowledge is limited to two terms when referring to them “pretty” or “ugly.” Your mother finds this trait about me hilarious as I have been corrected on my terminology on the color/markings of a horse. If it wasn’t for her I would think a palamino was a “blonde” horse. lol I love to pet them, and love on them, and they are majestic creature. I do not enjoy riding. I joke with Sis that they don’t have steering wheels, or brakes and being as huge as they are (and me as tiny as I am) I cannot be comfortable sitting on a saddle with something that has a mind all it’s own. Truth is, I do not belong on the back of a horse but oh, Fidget, your mom was born for it.

When she climbs in a saddle she is at ease, confident, she is quite literally on top of the world. She effortlessly guides this 1000 pound animal to do what she asks of it. When she is atop a horse her cares blow away like the wind in her hair. She instantly begins smiling, you can see the stress melt away. I like to picture her this way when I am thinking of her. I can see her in her favorite worn out jeans, a tshirt, her hair thrown in a careless ponytail, and her boots covered in dirt and/or manure. I think this is when she is the most beautiful…but she doesn’t have to try to be pretty, she just is. Each time I see her like this I instantly see the little girl she once was.

Your mommy, is like this perfect mixture of girly and tomboy. She will likely not worry one little bit about you getting dirty. (unlike your auntie who cringes frightfully when any mud is nearby) Which means you will undoubtedly get to jump in every water puddle in sight! Her favorite item in her closet is ALWAYS her boots! She loves them, and she uses them until they are falling apart. (I mean literally until the soles are coming off the boot, and she will still stubbornly wear them) She is picky about the brands, size, fit, etc……note to self do not attempt to pick them out as a gift lol I do see tons of tiny cowboy boots in your future…boots in every shade and style. She loves her Miss Me jeans too, and she always has the cutest clothes. Don’t let her cowgirl approach fool you, she has impeccable taste. When she isn’t at the barn her hair is always down, she loves to wear it long and I am so jealous of her golden locks! If she is going out you can guarantee she has her makeup done to perfection and jewelry is tastefully used to accessorize her outfit. (Warning….be prepared for many delays due to her get ready regimen but it is always worth the wait).

She is a bookworm too, although she doesn’t have as much time for it as she would like. You will grow up in the age of technology, when everything is digital. Your mom, is just like me, she takes joy in the written word. If she can’t go riding her next perfect day would be spent in pjs, snuggled on her bed, with a book…and possibly Buscuit curled on her head. There is something that just cannot explain the nostalgia of opening a book, smelling the pages the words are written on, escaping into another world, and no kindle or Nook can replace a book in written form. You are sure to find books around your house, (she sometimes reads three at a time), read them all. Read the ones your mom dog eared, you will learn so much about her, her hopes, her dreams, her inner most thoughts, and the way her mind works.

Because of our love of books, your mom’s vocabulary is quite impressive. She is a wordsmith, and a great conversationalist. Take advantage of this quality, Fidget, talk to her often. She is possibly the best listener on earth, she has this great ability to just listen objectively. Just the sound of her voice has a way of calming me in the most chaotic times. There will be times that you will not want to talk to her about something…do it anyways. I promise you will not regret it. She knows all there is to know about me, the good, the bad, the ugly, and she loves me in spite of it!

Which brings me to this, she is loyal, she loves with a ferocity that is surpassed by none. She will fight for you, she will love you unconditionally, she will support you, she will be your best friend. You will see the way she loves from early on. I feel so privileged to be loved by her. When she loves she loves hard, and with all she has! She is forgiving and although you don’t want to be on the receiving end of her temper she never holds grudges. She will NEVER give up on the people she loves, NEVER. Her love is a gift, always remember that, cherish it because she will love you harder than anyone (except maybe me lol) Watch her with your daddy, you will be able to witness it first hand. If you are a girl, take note on how she loves him, as she sets a great example of how you should treat your spouse in the future. If you are a boy, one day you will seek a woman just like her (good luck finding one), and take notice of the way your father loves her back….be that kind of man when you grow up.

Your mom has had a tough time in life. We lost our father far too early, she was only 14. That is something she will never recover from. So be her comfort on tough days, like your papaw’s birthday, holidays are hard for her, and father’s day is the worst. Be extra loving to her on these days, she will need you. With that being said, ask about him often. It will do her heart good to share her memories with you, and you will get to know your papaw. It may be bittersweet for her but she will want to be sure you grow up knowing the man that was her hero. Do not ever dismiss her when she pulls out an old box of pictures and tells you stories of this great man. To know him is to know your mommy. He is such a huge part of her. She is very much like him and he is a vital part of you. Take time to study those images, truly listen when she talks about him, she needs to remember him. It breaks her heart that he won’t physically be here when you come. Reassure her that he is still with her, seek out every detail of this man who raised such a remarkable woman. You need to know the man that stole her heart first.

From all of this you can gather. She will love you more than you can imagine. Do not try to win an argument with her, she will always get the last word and you will fail trying to out reason her. She is intelligent, which means you will get caught if you are trying to do something that isn’t allowed, so no sneaky stuff, Fidget! She will teach you morals, and she will make you behave but she will also let you play in the mud and murk…possibly even horse poo (I am inwardly cringing at this thought). As much as I hit the jackpot being her sister, and getting you FINALLY, you hit the jackpot when God and Papaw picked her for you.

I am sure I will think of many more things to tell you but it is late and I am going to call your mommy to check in on you and see how she is feeling. It seems you have been making her feel less than good lol You just keep on and I might get my wish for you to come live with me. She is already threatening giving you whippings for all the chaos you are causing in her tummy….no worries, she is empty threats and worst case scenario, Auntie A will rescue you! I love you, my sweet Fidget!

Love you always and forever,

Auntie A


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