Fidget the Terrorist


Dear Fidget,

Seems you are already quite the celebrity…and you aren’t even visible to the outside world….You are already taking after your mother…which is certainly entertaining for me. Now, I know your Mommy better than just about anyone in the whole wide world. She is not a control freak per sec but lets just say she likes things a certain way, she likes to know what to expect, she doesn’t so much enjoy the uncertainty…..ok, I was trying to be nice but she is the absolute cutest control freak I know. Now, do not get me wrong your Mom loves spontaneity, and an adventure. Although she is usually the one doing the planning. You will learn, in time, my Sweet Fidget, that your Mommy, is very literally an oxymoron. She is a contradiction, of loving and tough, controlling and carefree, hard-working and playful, responsible but fun, girly and tomboy all rolled in one, she has a temper but she handles stress with finesse….I could go on  and on, but you will learn soon enough.

So, since we discovered you were joining our little clan of lunatics (besides your mom, she is the sane one…for that, I apologize…oh who am I kidding I enjoy my crazy lol) Anywho, you are just now only the size of an olive….(hey don’t blame me, blame the pregnancy experts who refer to all babies as food items….I find it quite demeaning), but you have been ruling your Mommy’s life since before I even knew you were coming. First, let me give you a little back story, your mom is quite the foodie…not to be confused with fatty. She is the most fit and athletic people I know…puts my spaghetti arms to shame. But she loves food, like many things, she likes to discover it, experience it, and enjoy it……that is how our minds work we like to be educated in all things, everything is a chance to learn. It just so happens my sister is quite the adventurous spirit when it comes to fine cuisine (although you would never have believed this growing up with her). She has developed a sophisticated palate, she doesn’t drink much but she sure loves a glass of wine now and then (which you have revoked her privileges on). Since she cannot enjoy her Mascoto after a stressful day at work, and unwind on those crappy days…..From my estimations that means score one for Fidget and zero for your mommy.

Now the cravings and aversions of food has officially commenced. Demoting her from her love of sushi to wanting a cheap Totino’s pizza…I find this so funny. She, however did not take lightly her need for that particular, cheap pizza a few nights ago. After calling your Daddy and telling him she would be making a stop for said pizza, he being considerate, offered to order delivery pizza….you know, for better quality. But you were having none of it and so your mommy made her way to Wal-Mart after work, not for shrimp, or an extravagant meal….nope a $1 pizza. The universe was against her, as I was on the phone with her, and she made her way to the frozen food aisle. Much to her dismay the only pepperoni totino pizza was at the top far enough back that she couldn’t reach it. I wasn’t there but I am sure that she was trying every way possible to reach that pizza, I do know at one point she was using other items to try to knock it towards her, with no luck. I can see her frustrated, serious, I am getting ready to flip out over a $1 pizza face now, and it makes me smile because I bet she looked super cute. I assure you she considered walking to the broom aisle to use it to knock the pizza off the shelf (always the problem solver, your mom) before she reluctantly walked over and asked for assistance…gasp, I bet she hated that… made me giggle. How can you, who is the mere size of an olive, be able to reduce your mommy to not only making an unwanted trip to walmart for a pizza no one buys, only to find she cannot reach and then has to ask for help….from my score it is Fidget 2 and zero for mommy.

Then a few days later she had an overwhelming craving for Chong’s (the only chinese your mom likes). Now there is no Chong’s local to you so she would have to make a trip to Paducah not for her usual sushi, but for chinese food….now that one made me giggle. She loves chinese food from there but the trip all the way to Paducah usually means that she is going to fine dining. Oh, your poor daddy, hope he likes Chong’s (I am so glad he is easy going and wants to give you and mommy whatever it is you want)! So, once more you got what you wanted…little punk, just like your mommy! LOL That brings the tally to Fidget 4 and still zero for your mom! (Did I mention my sister is competitive? She is and how tragic to be getting beat by a human the size of an olive….the force is strong in you! LOL)

I guess, since it is important I should share the making of your nickname…not real sure where the word came from, I like to think your Papaw whispered it to me in my dreams. But me, your mommy and papaw have a love for strange,unusual nick knock names and words. That combined with your mommy’s motion sickness, and I instantly pictured you moving around in there making the sensation of movement even when she was perfectly still….I could have named you wiggles…..but that didn’t sit well…and hence, the name fidget. Now, with that being said your mommy has been nauseated and has not been sleeping (seems you are an insomniac like we are..should make for fun times and more trips to Auntie A’s house when you get here 😉 Well played Fidget). Since, Sis has a demanding job, she needs at least a few hours of sleep although she doesn’t sleep much, but you took those 3 precious hours of sleep from her, and obviously wine is out of the question. The doctor gave her some medicine but it made her groggy the next day so she asked me for some pregnancy safe nausea pills.. Sooooooo, of course I headed to Paducah to meet her with said medication. I giggled the whole way and figured it was a ruse you had concocted to get to spend a little time with me. Fidget 5, Mommy ZERO! I am impressed with your mad skills!


After Chongs and since, you have made her tummy swell up, she was forced to go into the maternity store for jeans with more room in the waist…(I know this probably didn’t thrill her) Then, wait for it, wait for it…..they made her put a pillow under her shirt to show her what was in store in a few months. I didn’t make it in time to see it so I requested a viewing of this hilarious opportunity….again into the dressing room to put on the humiliating belly pillow and of course I wanted a picture. She was not enthused but I surely was. I took this chance to get a picture with her! Let me tell you I didn’t think your mommy could get any more beautiful but she was stunning, even with her tired eyes, she was glowing. I am sure she was cringing as she made her way to the checkout as I snickered in the background. Then I got the honor of buying the first pair of jeans for mommy and you to share. My heart swelled bigger than your mommy’s little tummy! Fidget 6, Mommy Zero…at this point I was beginning to feel a little sorry for my sister as she doesn’t stand a chance with you ruling the kingdom. I started calling you Fidget the Terrorist because you had succeeded in bringing 4 people to Paducah to meet your every whim (I was much obliged to do the bidding though 😉 )Afterwards we made our way for me to leave and I took the chance to lean in to a not visible belly and tell you how much I loved you before planting a smooch on her tummy…yep right in front of everyone in the mall…(don’t underestimate me, Fidget, I said I almost felt sorry for her, ALMOST) Auntie A=1 Your Mommy still at zero.

Upon my departure, I am sure your mom was feeling pretty defeated, you have changed her wardrobe, food choices, robbed her of her occasional glass of wine, and I am certain she needed something that resembled her once well-planned life…so she made her way to the nail saloon, and did her favorite things done…….her nails!!!!!! I can almost read her mind saying, “Ha, you cannot stop me, Fidget!” Fidget 6 and finally Mommy 1! Well played, Sis, well played! I know you are getting arrogant with all this winning but you aren’t playing with just any mommy, she may be small but she be fierce. I just love you, my sweet little one, and so does your mommy! Be prepared though you won’t get your way all the time…pick your battles, Fidget because she will always win the war and this comes from years of experience! But kudos for the effort, you little olive ninja! I think you are going to be a force to be reckoned with but so is your mommy…my life is going to be fun with both of you little twerps always bending me to what you need because unlike my sister, I am a pushover when it comes to your mommy…and now you…I am a goner…I am tapping out so don’t feel like you have to try to hard with me…you already win no struggle from me! LOL

Until, next time, stay safe, try not to give Mommy too much grief and know I am loving you with every beat of my heart!

Love you, a kiss and a peck and a hug around your neck…or I guess a peck on da belly for now!

Auntie A

(PS she made me promise not to post this picture on facebook but it is safe here on my blog)


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