Dear Fidget,

How do I begin to tell you how very much I love you? I have no idea….matter of fact I struggle with loving people too much and I am certain you will be no exception…you already consume my every thought. When I became a sister….I thought there was no way I could ever love anyone more than my sister…then I became a mommy…..and my heart grew times two, and now I am going to be an aunt……I don’t know how you have managed but my heart is bursting at the seams! I love my girls, your cousins, so very much, and your mommy too…..and there was YOU! You are still just a wee thing, growing in the belly of my favorite person.

Today your mommy, daddy, and nanny got to see you on an ultrasound and my heart broke all day. How I longed to be there to see you growing and hear the sweet sound of your heart beating. Thankfully, our family is wonderful so I got a picture, and a recording of your heart fluttering away! Your cousin Brynlee was amazed at your heart “feet” and made me play it over and over again. She said that she loves your heart with  all of her heart. She was also sad that she didn’t get to see your picture with that magic wand that shows you in your mommy’s tummy.

I have replayed that video over and over again, laughed and cried joyous tears!!!!!!! It made me wonder who you will grow up to be? Will you have your mom’s smile, or your dad’s, either way you win. Will you be strong willed or laid back? Will you smile easily, or be an introvert or out-going? Will you be a bookworm, or an outdoorsy kid……my guess is both. Will you have blonde hair, sandy brown hair, or perhaps no hair when you are born……either way, I simply know you are going to be the most beautiful baby in the whole world.

I hope you grow up with your mother’s passion for horses……she needs someone nearby to truly understand her love of these creatures. I hope you get some part of me, although you already have my heart. I hope you are a cackler, I hope you laugh until you cry, because laughter is my very favorite…….and it drives my sister crazy……but I hope you get that from me and your nanny.

Will you grow to be a horse rider, a farmer, a doctor, a lawyer, a veterinarian, a nurse, a teacher, a president? The options are limitless……reach for your dreams, wish on every star!!!! Until I get to see the person that you will become. Impatiently waiting your arrival and counting the days until you are in my arms. I love you my sweet Fidget,

Love Auntie A


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