Fidget the Mystery


Dear Fidget,

Let me tell you about my day. With my upcoming birthday your mommy invited me up to see your ultrasound. Imagine my excitement looking at your perfect little face, getting a glimpse of your profile, and although your mom has refused to reveal gender I was content to just see you, hear your heartbeat and see you squirming around.

The day started out not so fun. Your cousins were refusing cooperation, took me two hours to get them loaded and I even got up at 8 am….not sure I ever went to sleep 🙂 So, I load them and I am already running behind, get in the car and cannot find my car keys….your appointment wasn’t until two however I had to meet your nanny at 11 to make the trek to see you. I drop the kids off (brynlee was oblivious to where I was going or she would have freaked it because she was mad she didn’t see you in person with the magical wand). It is currently 10:55 am and I am just leaving Marisa’s where Brynlee decided she didn’t want me to go….finally, finally I get on my way. Keep in mind, your nanny is over the top about being early….very early. My phone is ringing non-stop with Mom “Where are you? How far? Hurry up?” This started at about 10:15…..I am driving down the road get another call it is now 11:02, “Where are you, you were supposed to be here at eleven! Your sister is hungry, she is waiting on us to eat, hurry up….” I try to explain the exponential amount of energy that it takes to get two kids out the door. I am almost in tears at this point because I am so stressed but I refuse to let all the haywire bits of my morning to rain on my parade. Today, I will see my fidget today…..I repeated until some sort of peace come over me.

I am about 3 minutes from arrival to meet Nanny, when my sister calls. I am worried she is mad at me. I answer, “I am so sorry, I am almost there, the kids weren’t cooperating, I couldn’t find my car keys, and I know you are hungry.” Very calmly your mom did that thing she does best, “It is ok, we can wait you are only about 45 minutes out.” I told her to go ahead and feed you and herself, don’t wait. “We are 20 minutes from there anyways so it will only be a few minutes before you get here.” AND that is why I love her, she hears the tone of my voice, my anxiety, and she wipes it away.

I get to the meeting spot, your nanny, non too happy with me (it is 11:15) has got the face she gets when she is aggravated….the one that says, I am mad, I am not going to talk, and you will know I am mad by the grimace I am sporting. Now don’t be too hard on her, she is good all the way to the core, but like the rest of us she is impatient. Once she gets annoyed it is quite the feat to cheer her up, and being late is her biggest pet peeve, which I also strive to be on time. Yet, Mom’s idea of being late is if you aren’t 2 hours early…it is a quirk that drives me bonkers but in the scheme of things it is Mom, and I love her every part of her even the parts that get irrational over a fifteen minute delay. 🙂

So, off we go, awkward silence and then finally something gave way and she became the fun loving, song listening, dancing in the car mom that I know. We finally arrive in Illnois, meet your mommy and daddy and go to red lobster where they were treated to a special meal of seafood (their favorites). Anticipation was in the air, I slide my card to pay for the rest of the meal, sign the ticket, and I am so beside myself I nearly stole my glass of unsweet tea out of the restaurant. You have that affect on me, you make me forget all reason.

We get to the doctor’s office and they don’t have your mommy’s new insurance on file and she can’t be seen without it. I am almost in tears again, and so is she, stress is all over her face as she dials hr to get her ID number…..without a moment to spare she got through. It was time to go back. I stood there stilling myself to listen to the midwife ask questions, but I want to say, “Let’s do this, ask questions later! Show me Fidget! Show me Fidget before something else goes wrong.”

Then right before placing the wand (brynlee’s term) on your mommy’s belly she asked her the one who is adamant about not finding out your gender until it is an absolute certainty…..the midwife says, “You are 14wks 5 days it is possible we can tell the gender, do you want to know?” I am just staring at the screen, knowing full well that Sis was going to reject that option when she responds, “If you can tell yes, let us know. It is my sister’s birthday.”

At this point I was like……YESSSSSSSSS, I can start baby shopping, oh my how I love my sister, oh I may know what your gender is Fidget (it doesn’t matter I just want to know…we are a curious lot). She placed the instrument on her tummy, I am shaking. I see your little body, but I cannot see your face..Midwife run the instrument over and over the abdomen and says, “This baby is curled into your back facing away, appears to be sleeping.” Hmm seems you got your belly full of seafood and you fell asleep… time before ultrasound I may make sure your mom does not eat right before one.

I heard your heartbeat and it was such a beautiful sound, like horses galloping (fitting since your mom’s love of horses), it was strong and healthy. I also saw your spine and while it was perfect for a spine, I still didn’t see your face. Then an arm, a leg, and….wait for it…..wait for it…true to being like your mommy, I saw your booty…a tiny little behind (showing your butt like your mom too lol) . I decided 1) you were being stubborn like my sister 2) modest like her too not wanting to show your parts 3) and due to the amount of time we have spent talking about ugly babies you were probably terrified to show your face… worries there if anyone says you are anything other than perfection they got a world of hurt coming to them. So Fidget=1 and Auntie A=0! Score for you, you little bratty baby that I love with my whole heart. Here I talk your mom into revealing gender (no easy task) and you do not cooperate 🙂

No hard feelings, I only had to defeat your cousins, a grumpy nanny, a missing set of keys, a long drive…….oh and did I mention after I arrived back in Kentucky I realized I left my debit card at Marion Red Lobsters because I had one focus…seeing you. So a chopped up card later, a call to the bank and guess what? I still went home smiling like a smitten school girl because I still got what I wanted. I saw that you were perfect, gender really didn’t matter as I love you either way, your heart beat was strong, and your little arms, legs, hands and feet were perfect. Truth is that is all an aunt to be could ask for, the rest is trivial. You can hide if you want, I will still love you, when you show your behind, and I will still love you, boy or girl, I will love you, so basically play hard to get but you are stuck with me…oh and BY THE WAY you cannot hide forever, you get an eviction notice at nine months which is in about 22 weeks!!!!!!!!! Ready or not you are coming out and one way or another I will see a flawless baby, be you boy or be your girl. I love you, my sweet Fidget always and forever…..

Love your aunt in waiting…….very impatiently,

Auntie A

Btw……you are now the size of an advocado and/or canary. Please don’t be produce or have fur or feathers lol and Advocado ninja or Canary Ninja just doesn’t sound as fierce as olive but glad you are growing just be a human baby and the rest is just details 🙂


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