Cousins in the Making


Dear Fidget,

Good morning, my sweet little one. It has been awhile since I have been able to write to you. Sorry about that, but today I vowed that I would sit and talk to you….well, because I miss our little conversations. It has been a month since last I saw you or your mommy, and frankly it makes my heart hurt. When I was pregnant your mommy lived 2 miles away and she would talk to Brynlee, and every single time your cousin would get excited and kick away. Now, mind you, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE other than me could feel her kick because each time she did, and they went to touch my belly…she would stop. That is everyone but my sister.

Until this very day, your mommy is Brynlee Jean’s idol. It brings me to this point, I feel like I am missing out on so much. I hope when you are born you know my voice, that you recognize my unwavering love for you, and that you love me a fraction of how much I love you. Watching my sister with my girls has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever been gifted with. I have often envied that bond, hoping that one day I would get the chance to know the wonder of being an aunt……and well, you are on your way and I will finally have a chance. When your mom is with the girls, she shifts, her demeanor changes, her smile brightens, her spirits lift….I can only imagine how beautiful motherhood will look on her. So today, I figured would be the day I introduce you to your cousins, the two little girls that made my sister an aunt, and the very same ones that you will make a cousin.

Braelyn, oh my sweet baby, she is seven (not sure how in the world she got to be seven :() You will love her, everyone that meets her just has no other choice. She is devoutly loyal, she is a girly sort of gal, kind of like her mommy. She is 100% a nanny’s girl, so be prepared to battle for nanny’s attention because she doesn’t even like to share with her sister. No worries, Nanny will have plenty of attention to bestow on you, and Braelyn will begrudingly share the spotlight. The great thing about Brae is that she will love you, she will make you laugh, she is a kind hearted, sensitive girl. Her laugh is simply the most magical sound in the world, and she inherited both your nanny and auntie’s ridiculous hysterical bouts of laughter. She finds humor in nearly every situation, she laughs easily, she loves hard, and she will stick up for you….and probably blame you for things that you didn’t do. She will be the one that dresses you up in girl clothes and tries to put makeup on you… kind of goes with the territory. I apologize in advance as I will not condone this behavior but being the only boy in a huge group of girls……I know it is bound to happen. They never had a brother, so you are a new and exciting adventure for both of them. Braelyn will be the first to cry when you get hurt, she will worry fretfully each time you get upset, and she will most certainly boss you around… will learn to line her out when she gets a bit bossy. She is a worrier like me, and she seeks to be accepted, loved by everyone. If you play with Brynlee, be prepared for her to ask you 1000 times if you still love her too. Now, I do not know why she is insecure about being loved because that little girl has been loved since before she was ever born, and has never lacked a day of love in her life. But, please be patient when she gets her feelings hurt, and tell her that you still love her…..even if you have to repeat it 1001 times, it will be worth it. Because she will love you, regardless of what you do, or say, or how you behave. She will show you the magic of butterflies, flowers, and unfortunately all things girly. She will not help you dig for worms, or catch bugs, and she will scream like a banshee if you catch one and bring it to her…..and I giggle as I give you this bit of information because I foresee you doing just that (you are that much like your mommy……well all of us actually, aggravating is in our nature). I am sure you will find some creepy crawly and chase her around the yard with it, but when you are through she will immediately forgive you. Her heart is beautiful, I mean all the way down to her soul. She has these big eyes that you will possibly convince you to do something you don’t want to….(like playing dress up).

Her favorite thing in the world is telling stories, some are real, some are made entirely from her imagination, and she will almost make you believe the made up ones….as she depicts these stories with such vivid detail you will wonder if it really happened. She is curious too…….about EVERYTHING. She loves to know why things happen, how they happen, when they happened… be prepared for many questions. But also you are very lucky because she will have lots of answers to random things you will also wonder about. She will have endless patience for all the millions of questions you will undoubtedly ask, and she will gladly answer you…and well, if she doesn’t know she will make something up. Now, being 7 years older than you she will probably outgrow some of the stuff that you will be interested in but she will engage with you anyways. She is a people pleaser, a lover of all, especially her family. She has boundless energy…..whew be ready. She will play tag, hide and seek with you for hours, and never tire. But she will make you understand the workings of a little girl’s heart…because she is 100% girl. She loves dresses, pink, play makeup, and stuffed animals. She shuns anything that resembles a boy toy, or blue but she will embrace you……your blue clothes, your tractors, your dirty boots although she will probably try to alter your thinking on getting your shoes muddy (yep, she is a lot like me). She will teach you to say your abcs, and count…..playing school is one of her favorite pasttimes and she will  always, I repeat ALWAYS want to be the teacher. She loves to learn and loves to teach you what she knows…..good for you, and bad for you because she is kind of a hard teacher…..ask Brynlee, you better pay attention if you get the answers wrong she will tell you that you need to listen better lol. The truth is she will make you a well rounded little boy, who learns that butterflies are just as fascinating as worms and bugs. She will force you to pick flowers with her……and one day you will pick flowers for a girl that will love your explicit knowledge of fashion, butterflies and the workings of a girl’s heart. You will thank Braelyn when that day comes.

With that being said, Brynlee Jean exhibits several of the same traits but she is a bit more fluid about her pasttimes. She is a blender, a chameleon….unless it is something she doesn’t……tricky, I know. Although, she is a little more adaptable than her older sibling, she is also very strong in her convictions, feelings, thoughts. I suppose she was bound to end up like that, we ALL have this characteristic. She is a go with the flow kind of girl, proud to play a game of baby dolls, house, or equally happy to dig in the dirt, play tractors, and whatever seems adventurous. She got that adventurous spirit from your mom, the child is fearless just like her aunt. Sometimes, that is amazing, and wonderful to watch and also very scary. I am sure when she grows up she will hop on top of a bareback bucking horse, and drive me to an early grave….I am fairly certain that my sister has shaved a few years off my lifetime…….but boy, was it worth it (after she was back on solid ground, of course). Through my sister’s eyes I could watch precariously the adrenaline of jumping on an unbroke horse, and even break her tail bone after being bucked off, then continuing to climb back on and ride another few miles back….because she had to show the horse who was boss….Well, this type of stubborn courses through your very strong willed cousin, Brynlee Jean aka Dinky Do, is an exact replica of her aunt, so much so that some days I forget that my sister is grown. I will witness Dinky, outside, climbing everything in sight, digging in the dirt, catching bugs/worms/creepy crawlies…….then inside she will be the first to play house. She is a true puzzle, but one worth the brain power of figuring out. She is this perfect mixture of girly, and tomboy, fun and fearless, thoughtful yet stubborn. A bit of me mixed with your mother….*gasps* lawd help us all lol.  Thankfully, she is a tiny little person but she has what I call the Chihuahua with a big dogs personality. She has no clue she is minuscule and she will devour her much bigger opponents because what she lacks in size she compensates in brain power and attitude.

So here is where I feel I should clarify a few things. Yes, she is adaptable, and she has this ability to draw everyone to her. She never seeks to please others, but she is like a magnet and they migrate to her. You will find that she gets along well with boys/girls equally. She adapts to whomever she is playing with. She also has a no nonsense quirk that is both charming and at times terrifying. Now, do not get me wrong she laughs, but the child is very logical, not the silly sense of humor your nanny and auntie share. She laughs when something strikes her as funny, and not a moment before. Matter of fact, if you say something that gets you tickled and she doesn’t see the hilariousness of the moment she will most assuredly tell you to stop laughing or ask what is so funny (I am laughing just thinking about it). Her very practical nature catches me off guard most days and I chuckle at the absurdity that a 5 year old could think up such practical questions. She won’t ask why the sky is blue, she asks the tough questions and by golly, she wants a reasonable response. When, I said she was adaptable, I feel like I should elaborate. She will do anything you ASK her to do, but tell her WHAT or HOW or WHEN or EXPECT her to do it and you will have a very unwilling subject. Even if she likes the idea she will not do it if she feels forced….good luck with that, my little fellow. It will take some finesse to figure out how to word things without sounding pushy or bossy….it will get you NOWHERE with her…or your mom (trust my 27 years of experience on that one but by no means, and I mean NO MEANS ask your mom about her bossiness, stubbornness etc…..this is a forewarning for you to keep from a few spankings). With that being said you will not win an argument with your mom, or Brynlee, save it, they will ALWAYS win be it with wit, smarts, logic, silent treatment, batting those big baby blues or just plain bluntness…….they will….I repeat, they WILL have the last word. I know this because my sister has one I believe 100% of all disputes (the baby blues got me every time dang it). And I am fairly ashamed to admit that Braelyn and myself haven’t faired any better at winning disagreements with Brynlee.

She is this tiny bit of a human that will undoubtedly show you adventures and even convince you to join even if it isn’t something you thought you wanted to do…..hang on tight, little cowboy, you are in for quite a ride. Dinky, she will also mother you to death, show you the ropes, kiss your boo boos, value your individuality as long as you value her’s, she will hold your hand, push your swing when your legs aren’t long enough, reprimand anyone who speaks harshly to you and surely smack anyone who touches a hair on your head….(that comes with the territory ask your mommy about her elementary scuffle over me). If you could shrink your mom down about 22 years before you were born…you would find Brynlee’s picture. So if you love your mom, which I know you will……you will love your youngest older cousin…She is spicy and sweet, pretty and edgy, you will be captivated by her brains and her sassiness.

You see, gorgeous little boy……(did I mention how great it is to type that…..a boy, a boy, A BOY in our family) you are very blessed, you are going to be in a vast group of strong willed women but each will offer you a bunch of varieties of fun, safe, adventurous, and logical girls who will shower you with love and undivided attention. We will kiss you, hug you (often more than you want), we will guide you, shelter you, teach you, and my girls will get you into some mischief…..all of this will surely make up the amazing infant, toddler, teenager, and man you will become. Each of us have something to offer you to make up what you will be. I am already so proud of you, who you will be, but most importantly love you regardless of choices you make be they good or bad, I promise you will get our feedback. Fidget, we love you so much. I cannot even imagine how much you….this tiny being, will enhance our lives…you already have enriched it before even being born. As I speak Brynlee just told Braelyn she put a bug in her drink…….hence there is an empty glass in my sink…….my gosh you are going to have your itty bitty hands full, and I hope you are ready to “hand” it back to my girls. We are waiting on bated breath for you, our hearts are aching and longing for you.

Hugs, Kisses, Love, Your Love Smitten Cousins and as always,

Auntie A


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