God’s Garden


I step into the abyss. I whisper to you, as I step out into the unknown, “Where am I treading, Lord?” You are a God of actions so your response is a lamp at my feet. I can only see as far as my next step but not to the destination. I walk that path happily to my Alabaster Box, my secret place, My Ripped Veil…I am on my way to meet you and my feet cannot go fast enough. I swing open the door to hurry into your presence, I feel you swirling through this tiny place filling it up to bursting with your spirit. I come here so you can continue to direct my feet upon the path in this world that you want me to tread. I come here to enjoy your companionship. I come here to pray, praise, shout, sing, and dance before you. I strip my flesh off like a sheep’s wool, so that my spirit might be all that comes before your holiness!

In these walls, the world falls away. I care not about who might hear my war hoops as you call me into your spiritual army. I forget about the worries that plague me for I know you have gone before me to take care of them. In these walls, it is just You and I. I have come to dance with my King. I care not that my husband is bewildered by my silhouette as I bend and sway, leap and twirl, shout and laugh. I come before you but a humble servant and yet you call me your Beloved.

I look out my window at my backyard. It is not the prettiest to see as the shade has made it impossible for even grass to grow. My view outside is one of mud and dead leaves. That’s ok, I whisper to you, for my garden is being built inside this sacred place. The world outside looks ugly and defeated, reminding me I once looked that way as well.  Inside here I am tilling the ground in my soul and toiling to pull the weeds that have sprang inside me. I only want beauty here. I only want you to see the beautiful things I have to offer. I have no flowers to offer you, only the meager fruits of my labor. It isn’t much, I say to you but you call them lovely.

I don’t have much to give you, Jesus. I am not a talented singer but I will sing anyways. I turn on my music and I lift my voice to you….I wish I could make a beautiful noise unto you, I say as I sing from the core of my being. You whisper to me, “Listen.”

Suddenly the vaulted ceilings that echo my voice back to me is foreign. That voice is harmonious, it rings through this place and falls back onto my ears. How can this be? I cannot carry a tune, Lord? His response, “I created your voice to sing my praises, and this is what I hear when you sing to me!” I weep with such gratitude that He sees beauty in all that I do for him. I continue until my voice is hitting every note, ringing through to my upper room and falling back down upon me. I feel goosebumps cover my body as you swirl and dance around me. My voice rises through the rafters and I hear other voices joining mine. “My angels have come to sing with you. You are singing in my choir.” Oh the joy, oh the amazing honor to with your angels. I can feel the brush of their wings as they join me in my praise.

I open my bible and you feed me scriptures. How magnificent to know you are in my midst. I consecrate my little alabaster box with my tears, my words, my worship, my heart, my soul, and my dance. For you have swept me up as I toil in this garden I am crafting with you. I use your tools, my gardening trowel is your hands digging out the unholy things. My shears are your holy spirit as it prunes me so that I might bare fruit. Your Holy Spirit is my watering can as you sprinkle new life into the budding of flowers that are sprouting forth. I could toil in your garden all day and yet walk out without blemish,  lily white.

I began to think of how you found me in the valley. I think about the lily in the valley. “Observe the lilies, how they grow. They neither labour nor spin. And yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendour was as beautifully dressed as one of these.” For you have wrapped me in your robe. Oh, Lord let me be a lily in your valley, I prayed. For to be a lily in the valley means “return to happiness” it symbolizes chastity, purity, happiness, luck and humility. I hear your still small voice, “You were my lily. I did not want you to linger in the valley any longer. You had been there long enough so I plucked you up.” Oh, Jesus thank you but what will you do with me now that I have been plucked?

All day this phrase rang through me, I was so grateful he brought me from the valley. Yet, I didn’t know where he would plant me next. A hush fell upon me, “I will plant you upon the mountain so that you can be a witness of my goodness.” Oh, how you love me like no one else!!!! Still the thoughts raged in my mind. If I am set upon a mountain I can no longer be a lily in the VALLEY? What am I now, Lord? “For before you were a lily in a lowly valley, now you are on the mountainside. You are my vibrant daffodil. You represent that the winter is over. Shaped as a trumpet to announce that spring is coming…you symbolize faithfulness and friendship. You have burst forth from a cold, long winter to be rebirthed in my kingdom!”

I wept with sheer gratitude that he might call me to be set up high, to be delivered from a valley to not toil but to bloom where he planted  me. I simply had to go back to my Alabaster box and give you praise for holding me to such high esteem. But alas, telling me wasn’t good enough because as I was sprinting to my secret place to greet you I found something that took my breath away. For there beside the stepping stones that I trekked so frequently from my sunroom to my prayer closet was a splattering of daffodils. They were staggered like footsteps right beside where I walked to meet you. For you were walking beside me and planting a flower with each step so that alas I can look out my window and see the garden you are planting for me! Spring is here, I say, Spring is Here! The time of rebirth is now. The time for faithfulness is now! The time for worship is now! Do not falter in the cold, hard ground, spring up! Won’t you spring up and show the world your vibrant colors!! Come out of the valley. He wants his people on the mountain sounding their trumpet! What are you waiting for? Be colorful, be beautiful, be bold for Jesus and He will plant your path of righteousness with beautiful things!


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