Teaching Me

Motherhood teachings by my daughters: Today was a good day…as a day can go when you have kiddos. There were a few snags, fights, and quarrels but overall everything was smooth sailing….until around 11 this morning when Brynlee was playing with her doll and Braelyn decided that she wanted it….well, both my girls are strong willed and so the fighting ensued…in which Braelyn punched Brynlee! Well, I discourage violence but kids will be kids. So, I kissed Brynlee’s boo boo and told her she would be okay and then put Braelyn in her room to “think about her behavior then she could apologize to her sister!”
Braelyn was raising a commotion and screaming…and then silence..Hmmm…I thought I am brilliant; all this time out stuff is finally working. So after a few minutes I walked down the hall and heard the soft sound of Brynlee’s voice, “It okay, Sissy….shhhh” Braelyn was crying, “Mommy, make me go to da time out! I not want to go to dat time out!” Brynlee was consoling her and said, “You get up in just a minute, baby. It okay, honey! Here Sisser, you hab it! Don’t cry..” Both girls were oblivious as I stepped into the room and witnessed one of the sweetest things I have ever seen. Brynlee was stroking Braelyn’s back, and was snuggled up to her attempting to rock her…and there in Braelyn’s lap was the baby doll she had wanted. The very same doll that Braelyn had wanted so badly…Brynlee’s favorite baby doll…the doll that had caused all the chaos and the reason Braelyn had hit Brynlee! Yet, not even five minutes later, the fact that her sister had hit her, and tried to take her toy…it was all forgotten. In that moment all that mattered was her sister was crying and she wanted to fix it. Already, she had not only forgiven her but had gifted her with her favorite toy! That is the beauty of babies….no grudges, no hatred, no bitterness, just love and forgiveness! As adults, we hold tight to grudges of those who have wronged us, when we see them hurting we often think, “That is what you get for hurting me!” But in the pure heart of a child when someone they love hurts them, they forgive, and when someone is in need of comfort they give it to them….today that need was a baby doll with wild hair, a kind word, and a comforting hug from her sister! Be slow to anger, and quick to forgive, that is the lesson they taught me today!

The Mean Mom

My kids REALLY are the funniest kids! I was letting kids paint while I tried to get some painting done. It lasted about an hour before they began losing interest and began painting other things…including EACH OTHER (Hey 1 hour is a long time to hold a toddler’s attention so I was pretty pumped) BUT after a few meltdowns I told them it was time to put the paint away and we would use it another day…Braelyn was truly upset about this development, and began crying! Here is the dialogue between the girls
Brynlee (comforting her distraught sibling): “It ok, Sisser. We can paint ‘nudder day!”
Braelyn (in tearful voice and grabbing Brynlee’s hand): “Come on, Brynlee Jean!”
Brynlee (uncertain): “Where we going?”
Brae (determined and mad): We going to dat Walmart to get a new mom!
Brynlee (the serious and LITERAL one begins crying real tears!): NO I NO WANNA NEW MOMMY! I love da mommy!
Braelyn (Whispering now): “Yes, you do want a new mommy cause ours is broken!”
Brynlee (VERY upset about the prospect of a new mommy): MY MOMMY NOT BROKEN!”
Braelyn (leaning into her sisters ear with serious face): “YEP, SHE IS Broken CAUSE SHE IS HATEFUL!” BAHAHAHAHA
Needless to say, I was laughing so hard and it took me at least an hour to console Brynlee that she wasn’t getting a new mommy, she told me she is STILL mad at her “sisser for saying dat!” I can’t stop laughing!

Hide and Say You’re Sorry

Braelyn was hiding from Brynlee…and she was being REALLY quiet behind the couch for like thirty minutes! Brynlee kept coming in the living room asking me where Braelyn was; I told her she ran away. Brynlee got really serious and said, “I want her to come back!” I said, “Nope, she’s gone forever because you two can’t stop fighting so she ran away!” Brynlee gets tears in her eyes and says, “I not fightin’ with her!” I reply, “you were before she ran away!” She looks down at the floor then back up at me with HUGE crocodile tears and whispers, “Mommy, can you go and find her?” So I ask her why I should find her….she mutters, “Cause I miss her and I want to kiss her face!!!!!!” Gosh, I love these kids even when they drive me crazy!

I Can’t See You

Brynlee usually HATES when I wear glasses so I usually wear contacts. She asked yesterday, “Why you wear dem glasses for?” I said, “So I can see!” Brynlee looks puzzled, “So, you can see me, Mommy?” I nod….thinking she got the concept…Today I took my glasses off to rest my eyes…she says, “Mommy, put your glasses back on, PUT YOUR GLASSES BACK ON!” I tell her I would she says, “HURRY MOMMY I CAN’T SEE YOU!” ROFL

Funny Kids

Oh my wonderful, rotten, hilarious kids! The girls are playing in the living room so I get down in the floor and start kissing them, they are loving it, then I start tickling them, they are laughing….after few minutes I return to my chores…an hour later I come in and see them playing with their toys and are intent, have dolls all laying out and covered up etc…….I get on the floor and startcrawling towards the girls….Brynlee puts her hand on her hip and points her finger, “Mom, don’t mess our stuff up. I know what you are going to do!” Me: What am I going to do?” Brynlee: Kiss us and tickle us, and you got to wait a minute we busy, k?” Me (still crawling towards her): But I really need to love you Brynlee: Well love me from over there, k? (Again I ignore her and I am laughing as I crawl across the floor) Brynlee stands up hand on hip, no nonsense face, eyes narrowed and finger pointed and says, “Mom, DON’T START!” ROFLLLLLLLLL I am pretty sure she has heard me say this and it cracked me up

Balancing Chores and Being Mom

Last night, my slumber was interrupted, not once, not twice but at least a dozen times. All by things that simply could not wait until the morning, things that demanded my attention, things that only Mom, aka, I could do. One needed to go potty, and needed my company to the bathroom, the other needed a drink, and I dutifully carried out these tasks. I made the trek back to my neglected bed, to close my exhausted eyes, only to hear, “Mom, I need __” and so my tired body somehow managed to get up to meet the requests of my two very needy daughters. In the back of my sleep-deprived mind I thought, “Sleep, please, I just need sleep.” I drifted off around three a.m. to be awakened at 6:30 to a very awake six year old shouting orders for breakfast. I ask myself, who was really captain of this ship? Obviously, they are, and they don’t mean to be bossy, they are just still dependent on me for their needs. The back of my mind wonders when the day will come when I can go to my bed and not be beckoned from it, when will I not be required to assist every need, and then a sadness filters through my exhaustion……..that day will come all too soon.

Oh, as much as parenting two small children wears me out, the thought of the day they no longer need me is torturous. My mind constantly reminds me, “Hold tight to this moment, they are fleeting!” There are days I want to shush that voice, and just be tired and cranky. But I pull strength from some deep place, put a smile on my face, and chipperly ask, “What would you like for breakfast!” Of course, they always want something different, and usually I compromise and they get a pop-tart (don’t judge, I am not a morning person, and it is a task to just stumble to the kitchen). So, the day begins, a list of demands, to dos, sibling rivalry will ensue, channels to change, cartoons to watch, counters to scrub, questions to answer, laundry to launder, dishes to wash, meals to cook, and somehow fit in time to simply enjoy my kids……it seems an impossible feat. The same feat that I face every single day. Do all that needs done, and still find time to be a good mom that does more than just chores. It is a daunting task, one that I face with determination, and usually end the day feeling like either I failed to get the house clean but the kids got attention or my house is tidy and my kids didn’t get the time I planned on giving to them. Either way, there simply is not enough of me to do it all!

I want to the mom who has it all together, a tidy house, happy children, and her sanity. I have resigned myself if I can at least make it through the day with two out of three of these tasks then I have accomplished enough! As mothers, we put these crazy demands on ourselves. I am here to admit it, I am here to say it outloud…..I DO NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER! There I said it. That was hard, even to type. I am an overachiever by nature, but I am not superwoman….if you are struggling to hold it all together; IT IS OK! We will fair this day, none the less for the fret and worry and shortcomings. To the moms who have it all together, good for you, I would like to give you a high five….right in the face!

To that mom who says with all her motherly wisdom, just enjoy it, it goes so fast, you will want these days back…..SHUT UP! I already know, that is the cause for all this pressure I feel to cherish each second of every day. But, that is as impossible to do; just as impossible as matching all the socks in my sock basket, because let’s face it we all have a sock basket. It contains tons and tons of tiny socks, varying in size and color, and never, I repeat, NEVER will ALL the socks have a mate. Who knows what happened to the other sock that it originally was paired with, who has time to worry about it? Not me, there are tons more of tiny socks to wash, and tiny feet to put the socks on….and you got me, there are days my children’s socks don’t match….GASP, oh the tragedy!

To that mother who keeps her house spotless, I envy her, mine once was the definition of tidiness…and I still work to maintain order, and cleanliness but it usually involves me staying up after bed to accomplish it. So, if you are that mom who manages to keep her house spic and span, and you have two kids under the age of seven, then truly, I gravel at your feet! I have no idea how she does it, this mom with the spotless house. I scrub grime off cabinets, crayons off walls, and just when I think I can relax, there is a spill to clean up or worse. The OCD side of me wants to hold my children hostage in their room all day, so I can keep my house pristine (I am only half joking). But if they spent their childhood captive in their room, what kind of person would they grow up to be. Nah, I will let them play. I will allow them to scatter their toys across my living room, and I will even keep myself from following behind them to pick them up. They need to build their imagination, need to play, and this is all part of the messy experience. I do make them clean up before bed, but there is almost always a stray toy splayed out on one of my floors…..and I am just going to have to be okay with that. So, if you come to my house at noon, I can’t guarantee you will not see a bevy of various toys speckling my house. You have been warned. Children live here, and children, well, children are messy! I will continue the never-ending challenge of keeping it orderly, some days I am more successful than others.

I have two little girls, which is exactly what I always wanted. Along with these two little girls, I also will confess, I have an obsession with clothes. They have boutique clothes, you know the ones you have to hang dry? Yeah, those clothes….as if I don’t face an insurmountable hurdle of keeping up with clothes with regular washing requirements….If you see my children out you will undoubtedly see, two beautiful little blondes with adorable frilly outfits, perfectly styled hair….and then you will see me, frazzled, hair bobby pinned, and unpressed clothing. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE fashion, and dressing up, but if I have an errand, there are only so many hours to get us both dressed and usually that is them. Just like their laundry, it always gets hung to avoid wrinkles, my everyday wear usually gets shoved wherever the heck it will fit!

To those mothers who strive for perfection…….look in your childrens’ eyes….there you will find it! If you think that you have accomplished all the feats of motherhood, you might want to inspect your children….through the hustle and bustle, did you stop and play with them awhile? Did you enjoy their company? Appearances are important but my joy comes from seeing my girls smile. Now, I have a game of baby dolls to play with two important people, and then maybe, just maybe, if time allows I will get the sink emptied of dishes, the laundry switched out, and all the toys put away….but if not, there is always tomorrow for those things, today I choose my kids first!

Dora Has Corrupted My Children

Bahaha SOOOOOO we are playing/pretending and let me first state I have a love/hate relationship with Dora (it annoys me to no end but love that it occupies/teaches the girls) AND here is how different my girls are! When I asked Brynlee who she wanted to be she said “Boots!” When I asked Braelyn she responds, “I’m Swiper!” ROFL So we started pretending and Braelyn swipes everything even if we say “Swiper no swiping” three times! She thinks it is hilarious and says (just like Swiper), “you will never get it now!” (in a swiper voice lol) and I am getting a laugh out of it……Brynlee however isn’t finding it very funny! She said, “I tell you no swiping, you mean fox!” and chases Braelyn and is very mad but Braelyn is laughing hysterically ROFL My little villain and my little hero…..my ying and my yang! They surely do complete me! But I am thinking we should change from dora for awhile or Braelyn may become a Kleptomaniac rofl!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Brynlee’s new favorite thing to say is, “Mommy, watch this!” Mind you…when she says this I never know what to expect and sometimes it is really cute…usually it ends in injury so I have learned to ask her what she is getting ready to do…here is the last conversation about 5 minutes ago. She is in the floor doing gymnastics type moves in the floor….Brynlee: Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!
Me: Yes, Brynlee
Brynlee: Mommy, watch me! (she then looks at me to ensure i am watching)
Me: What am I watching? What are you getting ready to do?
Brynlee (smiling as she spins on the floor) I am fixing to flip out, Mommy!
(Obviously she meant flip but the fact that she said it with such happiness cracked me up…btw have no IDEA WHO she heard saying that wink, wink) LOVE this kid

Outsmarted by a Five Year Old

So braelyn was drawing…and this was the end result…obviously I thought it was a sad sunshine and asked her if she was sad (of course I’m over thinking it) she says, no. I said well why is your sunshine got a sad face…She stares at me like I am crazy and responds, “it’s not a sunshine, it’s a spider!” So I reply, “well why is your spider sad?” She looks at me again like I’m obviously retarded and responds, “because it’s a spider, I hate spiders, people hates spiders, everyone hates spiders and THAT is why he’s sad!!!” Rofl well that’s a very good explanation…here I’m playing psychiatrist thinking she’s sad and she schooled me…oh the things I learn from these kids…Well played, braelyn, well played, mommy officially feels dumb lol


Who needs medication when you are my children’s mom? Current conversation…
Braelyn: (watching Frozen) Mommy, can we go to the hand shop
Me: (thinking manicures) We can, when I get better but I just did your nails
Braelyn: (looking a bit too excited) And they are going to put powers in my hands!
Me: (trying to figure out what she is wanting I glimpse Elsa on tv shooting snowflakes out of her palms, I laugh) No, we can’t go get powers at a hand shop
Braelyn: (pouting) But, WHY???
Me: Because it is make believe
Braelyn: (frightful look upon her face) It will make me bleed??????? Before I could recover from a fit of painful laughter, I hear her exclaiming to her little sister that she asked if they could go get powers in their hands but she wasn’t going, when Brynlee asked why, Braelyn exclaimed “If you go to the hand shop, Mommy said they will make you bleed!” ‪#‎killingtheirdreams‬ ‪#‎makebelievemakemebleed‬ ‪#‎nomedicineneededatthishouse‬ ‪#‎frozentragedy‬ ‪#‎traumatizedmychild‬