The Story of Marriage

Marriage isn’t a romantic novel filled with beautiful words on every page

It isn’t a play with two lovely people kissing upon a stage

It’s not a fairytale that leaves you always smiling at the end

It’s doing the things you never thought you’d do, it’s finding a lifetime friend

Marriage is an artist’s masterpiece, a never completed work of art

It is a card drawn by the one you love with meaningful words, and little purple hearts

Marriage isn’t a dance where the dancers know what steps to take

It’s a dance where we sometimes lose our footing and cause a heart to break

It’s not a flawless diamond that rests upon your hand

It’s an unconditional love symbolized with a single golden band

It’s not a chef’s gourmet meal at a place where you could never afford to eat

It’s a simple meal that he prepared with candlelight, that sweeps you off your feet

It’s not living in a mansion with expensive things displayed all around

It’s a little blue house that I call home and a small piece of ground

It’s not an office with high-tech gadgets sitting upon my desk

It’s just a little room that he built for me, that tells me I am blessed

Marriage is not always being right but instead fixing the problem to what is wrong

Marriage is no matter what lies ahead knowing you found where you belong

It’s not a narrow road with sunny skies that are never blue

Marriage is a trying journey of love that always leads me straight to you

Love is ALWAYS Worth it!

There is a beauty in love, the raw, vulnerability you give when you give yourself over to it. It takes courage, it takes selflessness, it takes trust, it takes letting go of pride! The spiral is scary, but the leap is always worth it…even when loving hurts, the pain is worth it! When you love someone you give them the power to make you the happiest, giddiest, most fulfilled person….you also give them the control to inflict pain, so deep that it can bring you to your knees…that is the adventure of it all. I know the risks, but I choose love EVERY SINGLE TIME! Why? Because I prefer love to fear, I prefer sharing my heart than being lonesome, and I prefer loving no matter what is at stake. No matter the outcome, loving is ALWAYS worth it. And if you are lucky, really lucky, and you let go of all your inhibitions, you will feel that love come full circle. The only thing more beautiful than love is looking into the eyes of the one you love and seeing that same depth of love shining back at you! It has been a long road to me feeling happy, to me letting go of old hurt, of really trusting my heart to fully give in to the intoxication of being in love…….but I must say that falling back in love again is freeing in a way that guarding my heart has ever been! Take the plunge, love every single chance you get!