An Ode to My Mother

For all the sacrifices you made, the ones you think went unnoticed……I noticed. I watched as you bought me the new outfit I wanted instead of the new coat you needed. I knew you needed a coat as yours had weathered several winters. I saw the way you took joy seeing me in my new outfit while you sported your dated jacket, and never once did you complain. I caught you looking at a pair of jeans that you wanted, but instead you sauntered passed the store and took me to get new shoes. I witnessed your tireless work. You cooked me my favorite meals when you knew I needed some comfort food after a bad day, although you had already prepared dinner. I was there in the shadows as you scrubbed the floors late at night when you needed sleep, all because you stayed up late to listen to something that was troubling me. I listened to you cry when you thought no one was listening, but always managed to make me laugh, hiding your heartache. I will never forget all the Christmases that I knew you didn’t have the money for all of the things on my list…..but somehow you always managed to make sure my Christmas was great. I reminisce the days I would come home from school on my birthday and find my favorite cake that you worked on all day. You tended me when I was sick, never leaving my side, nursing me back to health, in the amazing way only a mother can. You taxied me around, from cheerleading practices, to games, to tedious tasks when I know you had places you needed to be.

As time went on, I saw the happiness that just spending the day with me was a gift as I entered my teenage years. You were my truest friend, even then. When most teens were finding every reason to leave their parents, I longed for our next movie night. Every time I got my heart broken, you were there picking up the pieces. As I became an adult and moved out….you never tried to stop me. Looking back I can see the sadness in your eyes that I was leaving you, that I wouldn’t be with you everyday, and it must have broke your heart knowing I was eager to move out. I want you to know, I didn’t want to leave you, I wanted to find my way…….truth is, if I had the choice now, I would’ve lingered with you as long as I could have. Because as soon as I left you, I missed you!

When I took the next step and got married, you walked me down the aisle. You were giving me away, giving away a piece of yourself. I hope you know, that no matter what, I will ALWAYS be your’s! You walked beside me, held me as my world fell apart as I struggled with miscarriages. Your heart broke with mine, with each loss, only you felt it as deeply……why? You knew how bad I wanted to be a mom, and you wanted me to share in the gift of motherhood that you had been given. Because of this, I didn’t feel so alone. You are my best friend. The truest friend in the whole wide world. Now I get to watch my girls love you the way I do and there is no greater joy. I hope you know just how much you are loved, appreciated, and cherished. For all the times you thought you were doing things unnoticed…….I was watching. For all the times I forgot to say thank you, I am sorry. A million times thank you for all that you have done and all that you do. I love you more than words!!!!!


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