Fidget in Hiding


Dear Fidget,

Hey there, my main dude!!!!!! I went to see you today and true to form it was as if the universe was trying to keep me from seeing you. I was going to ride with Nanny, but a sad thing happened in our family so she couldn’t make it….I needed an oil change in my truck as it is way overdue (your mommy tells me that is really bad for a vehicle) but alas there was no time to get it serviced before your appointment. Forbeit to say, that my fuel gage was buried on the “E,” and pay day was a week away….I was heartbroken as I had just lost a beloved aunt the night before, and this further spurred me to find a way to see you. I knew if I could just cast my eyes on your precious little face that for a moment the sadness and darkness would fade into light. So, I did what any certifiably crazy aunt would do in times of despair…..I irresponsibly drove my truck to Illinois (low on oil), charged my gas and lunch on a credit card, then an oil change….but by golly I made it to your ultrasound.

My heart was heavy, but the moment I set eyes upon your gorgeous mommy, just like that, it all dissolved away. Instantly, my heart righted itself, I looked at my sister so in love with you and your daddy that life literally radiated out of her like sunshine on the waves of the ocean. The reflection of her with you softly tucked under her ribs (I do not mean that figuratively as she says you live there), the sight was so beautiful that I had to advert my gaze a few times as it was blindingly bright. After a hug in the arms of my best friend, I looked down to see you had finally emerged just a bit and the sweetest bump had formed beneath her shirt. Wonderment overtook me, as I spoke softly to you, and for the first time I didn’t look completely ridiculous talking to her stomach, as there was slight evidence that you were there. Your cousin, was enthralled with your mommy, as she always is. It was like seeing them together for the first time….seeing them through the eyes of an aunt, the way they looked at each other, the easy banter they developed, the way they were so in sync that the rest of the world fell away…..and with renewed sight I recognized that soon that would be me holding you. My heart lept for joy, and finally, it was time to go back and see your face. I waited as your profile came on the screen, your forearm plastered to your cheek, as if you were hiding……oh but I saw you, my sweet boy! What a sight to behold, I drank in every second looking at you, all snug and sleeping!!! My eyes filled with moisture, a lump formed in my throat, how did I get this lucky?

You were trying to rest and we were interrupting you, at which you protested with keeping your forearm over your face and somehow managing to grab your foot with the other. I giggled at your amazing acrobatic skills, laughed as your long toes appeared on the screen, and questioned how it was possible to put your big toe to your head…..but there you were doing just that, something tells me you are going to be filled with these shock and awe moments! We got to see a glimpse of your perfect nose, you are all legs, and I think you are possibly bent in half at this point (perhaps why you are so accustomed to your feet in your face lol) Me and your mommy, weren’t gifted with the gift of height so you are taking up all the space she has. The ultrasound tech said that you were measuring almost a pound over what most babies weigh……now don’t go getting a complex about your weight…I suppose you are a bit older than the doctors originally thought. Try to save some of your growing for outside the womb, as my sister is built to deliver a ten pound baby and if you come out extraordinarily bigger than most then you may be an only child and I may get no more nephews or nieces!

Driving home somehow the air felt lighter, even the rain splatting on my windshield felt happy almost as if it were dancing……Smitten, is what I am, totally and utterly smitten…Now, as much as I would like to carry on about your remarkable good looks, and how perfectly perfect you are, I shall refrain, because I don’t want to give you a big head or Sis may never get you out! LOL Besides, I have rather important things to do….and if you are wondering, YES, they include you. I am actively, actually frantically working to fill a whole nursery with decor that is Fidget worthy!!!!!!

Smitten and smiling,

Auntie A


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